Monday, October 12, 2009

"Please don't hit nick," said Jacob.

Then a big bully came up and then he said, "My name is Allen."

So Allen hit Nick and then Nick hit Allen with a chair!Allen was hit and he went into a deep sleep. So Allen did.Then he was thinking of a scary thing.But then he said i didn't think there would be ghost and goblin in my head he said.But Then they herd a noise in the basement it sounded like something like this

Then they were scared of the noise so they ran up the stairs and left Allen down there. But Jacob said wait we forgot something Nick said what. Jacob said we forgot Allen Nick Said just leave him there. Then they held a cry they walked to the door and Allen said theirs a ghost in there i held him. After that they held it again, and again so they go down there and see who was making that noise. Nicks dad was playing that on a tap just to see how the big bully felt after that. Finally Allen stop being a bully after all.

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