Friday, December 11, 2009

Basket Ball

Basket ball is really fun because you can get better at basket ball and learn your ball handily like that. But today was tryout for me and, some of my friends. It was really fun because we got to do layups and got to do five on five. Five on five means when the coach picks five people only per a team. Then you guys play one other until he says times up. After that you let the next team play who ever when against the other team. Finally after we are all done we run wall. Today we ran 9,7and,5 walls altogether. But fifth thou six's run toether first. Then seven and eight grade ran next after them.

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goanimate justin by jstncole

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Monday, October 12, 2009

"Please don't hit nick," said Jacob.

Then a big bully came up and then he said, "My name is Allen."

So Allen hit Nick and then Nick hit Allen with a chair!Allen was hit and he went into a deep sleep. So Allen did.Then he was thinking of a scary thing.But then he said i didn't think there would be ghost and goblin in my head he said.But Then they herd a noise in the basement it sounded like something like this

Then they were scared of the noise so they ran up the stairs and left Allen down there. But Jacob said wait we forgot something Nick said what. Jacob said we forgot Allen Nick Said just leave him there. Then they held a cry they walked to the door and Allen said theirs a ghost in there i held him. After that they held it again, and again so they go down there and see who was making that noise. Nicks dad was playing that on a tap just to see how the big bully felt after that. Finally Allen stop being a bully after all.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to use a glogster

You can use a glogster if you are doing a poster in your class say like you teacher said you have to my a picture then you will go to the website and go to and register your name in and your gmail in to then it will say creat one and you creat one so that how you do it

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How to use the voice Thread. First you go to voice thread. Then you go to flicker in Mr.C's class blog right click on the picture and press copy. After that you press upload and it comes up. finally something comes up like a recode you press it and you talk in it with some speakerphone . Then you upload it to your Recode like you homework and when you get home you will now how you do the assignment in class

Then you make a vocaroo and press recode in it and you can speak in it and say anything you want to say. Then you publish it to your You can use like for a pom or a writing in class thats how you use it

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My firends

My firends are really cool even my best firends names there names are Dlyan, Nick, Jacob, Sarah, Alice, even my cousen jessica she is so cool once you get to know her really well so thes are all my good firends even sarah that laughs funning will funny

Friday, September 4, 2009

Roar Tickets

Our teachers made up a thing about roar tickets and today i lost my roar ticket today and the teacher said were is it said i lost it and they said ok and they put me down for no ticket for this week so now i am going to start kepping my ticket in my bider so it doesn't get lost again so thats what i going to do for now on

my teachers

my teachers are so cool this year plus our new teacher Mr.c he is so cool he lets us do anything we want

My summer vacation

My summer vacation is about when i went to take my cousin to the army so he can go fight in the army for our state. Then we were on our way home we hit a deer and it damage our car so we had to take my moms car to the shop to get it worked on. After that we drove my dads truck to go see my family out in New Mexico and go to the lake for about three days only. Finally we went home and take a two hour nape because we were tried.

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